A remarkably relaxing experience at Hotel H2O

Im sure most of you guys have been to Manila Ocean Park… But I hope you haven’t missed experiencing one of the extraordinary Hotels in the country. Hotel H2O. After all the sight-seeing from various marine life creatures, the muisical light show and other features and show that the park has to offer, it’s nice to have a quiet time to rest and feel the serene beauty of nature. Calmness of the sea and feel the cool breeze blowing your mind away from all the stress and the hassle of the city life.

After giving birth to my 3rd baby, my husband and I decided to spend a vacation to relieve stress and tension.We’ve decided to try and visit H2O hotel. One good way to relax,enjoy the beauty of nature with in the city.

They have very accommodating and courteous staff. The place is well maintained and the ambiance is so refreshing and comfy you would want to stay in this place for a lifetime.

On out first night we tried out the Parkview room.

This is our view from the room.I don’t think there’s a need for you to buy the ticket for the musical or seal show since you can watch it in full while in the comfort of your own bed. They just had the windows tinted at the same level of the bed (i think they did that after some unwanted incident).

This is the bathroom, quite neat, and the sink just right outside it. The only thing I didn’t like is that they don’t have bidet since the shower is separated from the toilet bowl.

We also got the chance to stay at the amazing aqua room where in you get to stay inside a 42 sqm room and have the view of live sea creatures in front of your very own eyes. This is where we stayed on our 2nd night in the hotel.

The bed is bigger and the bathroom is separated from the bed unlike in the parkview room. The only thing I don’t like about the rooms is that there are no electrical plugs near the bed.

Another thing that’s good about the Hotel, its said to be the only hotel that uses negative ion with in the whole infrastructure, so it’s definitely a healthy place to stay in. Free wi-fi access. You just need to dial 0(zero) and ask for an access . The access code by the way will expire w/in 24 hrs. You can only use the wi-fi username and password per unit (laptop/tablet/phone). So if in case you want to have wi-fi access on your phone, tab and laptop, you’ll have to request 3 username and password.

They also have different amenities you can use.

The spa. The image on the left is called the fish spa. (was not able to take a closer look because I was scared to go there alone) The price is Php 300. The right image is for the massage w/c cost Php 700. They have the hot bed as well w/c is for Php 400.

This is best for families especially for those who have kids less than 12 yrs old since you can share rooms w/ them free of charge. You are allowed to bring in food inside your hotel room. No corkage fee. Overall, its really a wonderful experience. I must say the price is all worth it.

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