Why Selecta Magnum is the newest summer craze.

I’m not sure why lately I have been seeing a lot of these images posted on my FB wall from friends.

It’s a new product from Selecta, Magnum Ice Cream Bar. Curious , I bought just to know why it has been the talk of the town. There are 3 flavors to choose from. I bought 1 of each. I’ve checked online some says its P50 per pack but we only saw all three flavors available in 711 and as expected it cost a bit higher w/c is P60 per bar.

Classic Magnum, one of the flavors of the new ice cream from Selecta. Vanilla ice cream coated w/ luscious Belgian chocolate.

Another flavor is the chocolate truffle . Also coated with belgian chocolate with rich chocolate flavored ice cream inside. This is actually my personal favorite. The chocolate coating tastes so good but not too sweet.

The last one is the almond Magnum. I didn’t tried it because I’m really not a fan of ice cream and almonds so I had my mom tried it she say nothing special, it tastes like any other Selecta almond flavored ice cream.

So why is its so pricey for a bar of ice cream? I really don’t know I guess I’ll leave it to Selecta to explain why =p

Starbucks and Coffee Bean Planner

I was never a fan of frapp beverage for practical reasons. I think its too pricey for a small drink where in I can buy cheaper yet refreshing drinks for the same amount

However during my pregnancy, for whatever reason I became addicted to starbucks. I’m not sure if its with their drinks or with their stickers =)

I am also not a fan of collecting or using planners before. I’m just not sure why, but this year I got addicted in collecting starbucks stickers and managed to complete 7 sticker cards (thanks to my friends, officemate and family for sharing the stickers with me). Honestly I didn’t like any of the Starbuck planner, but if I had to choose 1 among the 5 design I’d choose the Oak design.

I ‘m really not gonna use the Starbucks Planner I just got it to give as a gift to some friends and relatives. Too bad I wasn’t able to take pictures of all 7 planners all together as I already gave them away before realizing I can make a blog out of it =(

I am currently using the Coffee bean planner. I liked their design and freebies better compared to Starbucks. I’ve just used the February discount coupon of my CBTL planner.

Aaron’s first ever cherry cheesecake

We use to buy home-made cheesecake to one of my office mates. I then moved to a different company while my husband still keeps his position, so I asked him to order cheesecake from my former office mate since I was craving for it. But he said confidently that he can make one on his own sO I challenged him to prove himself

One day he was a bit late from his usual time going home from work, but since I’m use to his situation that he needs to stay behind specially if there were network issue, I didn’t question that alibi.

The truth is, he just dropped by SM supermarket to buy the ingredients, unluckily they don’t have available preserved blueberry products so he ended up buying cherries instead.

He went home and successfully hid all the ingredients inside the vegetable bin. The next day he woke up early and started creating his masterpiece. We actually got a lot of home-made no bake cheesecake online… He just went ahead and improvised and added his secret ingredients, which I will later on reveal.

He placed the cherries evenly and generously on top of the cake and grated my favorite chocolate Cadburry on top. The first spoonful was so heavenly. It was perfect and you know what’s the secret ingredient he added? It’s what you call LOVE. =)