Flying On Norwegian Airlines

If you spent any time at all this summer looking for cheap airfare, then you likely saw the discount prices advertised by Norwegian Airlines. As a family on a budget, the prices that they were offering were simply too good to pass up. Why? Because their rates were often hundreds of dollars cheaper than the other airlines offering the same routes.

In all, we ended up flying on Norwegian Airlines for a total of four flights this summer. Out of those four flights, two of them ended up leaving (and landing) late. So, that is a 50% late flight average right there. Not the best ratio to start out with. They also seemed to wait until the very last moment to board the plane, but would then try to rush people into their seats.

The staff was nice enough – not overly friendly but not rude either. The food and drinks served on the long flights was average, which kind of suck since you have to pay extra for food on the the flights. Yup, this is one of those nickel and dime you for everything airlines.

The comfort level was not that great, in fact it was below average. Since the planes are very new, I was expecting better comfort. What I got was less leg room than I have ever experienced and less under-seat space due to the housing for the seat back electronics that give you the little TV screens at each seat. There was also a LOT of heat coming from those screens, which made the cabin really warm before take-off and that sucked.

Would I fly them again? Probably only in two scenarios – a super cheap deal on a short flight OR in an upgraded cabin. The lack of space in economy would definitely not be comfortable for a long flight. The almost two hours that I spent sitting there for each flight was really uncomfortable and I am only 5-ft 8-in in height, so it has to be REALLY terrible for tall people and guys that are really built and buff.

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