How I Book Hotels For Travel

For me, one of the more stressful and time consuming parts of any travel is the part that happens before you even leave home – the booking of the hotel and transportation for your holiday trip. When you are going to a place that has a lot of hotels, the process seems like it can take for ever. You normally have a set budget in mind and then just finding a place with decent ratings that fits in your budget and has availability can be a real pain.

Part of the problem is that it can be difficult to determine the hotel reviews that are real and those that are fake and paid for by the hotels themselves. For that reason, I like to start with just the middle of the road 3-star reviews and then I look for common themes among them – such as several of them complaining about loud noise from the street or something like that.

Another way that I have found to get the good hotels from the bad is by looking at the reviews on You see, on that site you can only leave a review once you have booked a confirmed stay through the website. This makes it a bit more difficult for hotels to gain fake reviews since it would be a rather costly endeavor for them, not that it can’t be done but it is definitely harder for them to do.

After I narrow down my option with, I head over to TripAdvisor and maybe even Yelp to compare the reviews that they have with what I have seen on That usually helps me to make my final decision and then I go on and book the hotel from there. Unless I am signed up with the hotel’s rewards program, I usually just do the booking of the room on the website or app because it is super easy to use. And I feel like I kind of owe them the booking since I used their site for my research.

What about you? Do you have any tips on making booking a hotel room an easier process?

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