How to Pack Light for Carry On Only

Whether you are traveling for a quick overnight trip or a lengthy RTW trip, it is possible to travel by plane without checking any luggage. This is great for travelers for several reasons.

  • No extra baggage fees
  • No waiting at the luggage conveyor belt after flights
  • You don’t take too much stuff since carry-on space is limited
  • Great excuse to buy items once you arrive!

If you are interested in trying to go with only carry-on items, then let me give you some tips and suggestions.

Pack Smart

Don’t worry about packing limitations. One carry on bag is all you need to dress appropriately for any occasion. Keep in mind that you should wear clothing that is interchangeable. Keep clothing to two colors that are easy to mix and match. For example, black and white or some other combination. Only pack two pairs of shoes. One pair for day and a dressy pair for night-time events. Create more space by rolling clothing together, instead of stacking them in your carry on bag.

Even better opt for things made out of wool, like Smart Wool shirts, that you can hand wash and have quick drying properties. Plus, the wool will not hold odor, so you can re-wear a few times before washing!

Efficient Packing Tips Win

Pack to save space. For example, buy sample size toiletries and place them in a small clear bag, instead of carrying full-size toiletries. Leave the magazines and romance novels at home. Instead, download all your reading material to an e-reader. This will save you plenty of extra space in your carry on. There are plenty of space saving gadgets available today. Check out the latest gadgets at local retailers or online.

Buy Upon Arrival

It is a good idea to remember that in most cases, you can buy what you need when you arrive at your destination. So, leave that shampoo and toothpaste at home. Instead, hit up the local drugstore and buy what you need. As a bonus, you can even buy some fresh food when you go out, which is healthier for you! As for clothes, you can even visit local thrift shops and second hand stores and leave most of the clothing at home too!

Remember Security Regulations

Security regulations severely limit the items that you are allowed to carry on or bring aboard. Know the regulations before you start packing for your trip. Check out the TSA website for up-to-date information on their rules and regulations concerning items allowed. Remember to keep gels and liquids to three ounces or less. Items over the regulated size are confiscated. Pack wisely and know the regulations.

Need more suggestions? Check out the video below for some additional tips in video form

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