My Favorite New Exercise Routine: HIIT Cardio On An Elliptical

Reach Cardio HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) on a elliptical by changing the resistance level and your speed motion. Exercising like other things is good with change. If the same routine is performed each day, the body becomes accustomed to it and the results become stagnant. Moving the body at a different rate of speed gives the muscles an opportunity to expand and contract. While in period of slower movement, practice deep breathing. This rate of motion gives the body a great cardio workout.

Doing HIIT on the home elliptical machine, or at the gym, creates no problem with muscle tone or weight loss. This level of activity takes less time, about 30 minutes per session and offers better results. It is difficult for many people to find the time to exercise, so HIIT on the elliptical equipment is a win for most users. A person with a sport driven lifestyle does a versatile routine naturally and maintains a high level of physical fitness.

Each workout needs a warm up period, once the body heats up, move your speed on it up to a fast pace for a good 20 seconds. Now, let your pace slowdown. Use this weaving and bobbing of your speed several times before allowing yourself to slow down. The constant change is good for a workout on the elliptical. Stretch after a time, this will make you more flexible.

The heart size increases and lungs expand with the versatile movement of elliptical exercise. It is also noted, body weight is burned after the workout is over. This is important to overall health. This method of weight loss is natural to the body and makes it stronger. Moving the elliptical resistance from a steep uphill climb to a smooth casual stroll, then suddenly sending it into a gallop brings the body back into a mode it finds comfortable.

Check out the video below to see this type of routine in action for yourself.

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