Overnight at Hacienda Darasa

A short but relaxing way to escacpe from the busy city…

This experience is really rewarding plus the fact that its less expensive and the travel is hassle free. Hacienda darasa is located at 791 Pres. Laurel Highway Darasa, Tanauan City, Batangas, Philippines. We took a bus cant remember how much the fare exactly is but its somewhere w/in P100-110 range per person. When you reach the place you wouldnt even know where to go since there’s a long path going into the place. But you can actually ask the guard to direct you to the main biulding (there’s a small guard post outside the vicinity). If I were to asssess the place there’s nothing extravagant. the place is so simple some parts under developed, but once I explored the place I realized this is the type of place where you would really like to spend you vacation. far from the city and the crowd. When we went there the place is actually fully booked. There were companies having their team building and other’s just the normal vacation . The place has 2 large pools(1 for adult and 1 for kids w/slide).

There’s a big backyard full of trees where you’ll feel close to nature. you can also use the basketball and volleyball court.

The room and bathroom is neat, AC, cable Tv, and heater is working fine, although they have poor wifi connection when your inside your room. (even brought our smart bro and barely had signal).

They also have a small resto. The food is good and has reasonable price.

The service is great everyone is accomodating. Very courteuos, friendly and attentive to our needs.

So overall I should say the place is very relaxing . It gave us the feel that we are at our own rest house somewhere in the province. Comfy and relaxing.

You may check their website as prices may change : http://www.haciendadarasa.com/

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