part-time home-based earner

Just to give you a background, I have a B.S. Math major in Computer Science degree and my Husband has a degree in Information Technology.

I have a regular 8hour job in one of the top banks in the U.S having a global site here in the Philippines, while my husband works as a Network Engineer in one of the BPO company in Makati. I can say that the pay is good enough to suffice our growing family’s (growing because I already have 2 kids and another on the way) needs and a little bit of our wants.

We were thinking of a possible alternate source of income especially now that our third baby is near its way. I mean it’s better than me having to turn on my laptop, connect to the internet, open my emails and kill time browsing someone else profile, read post and blogs, chat , comment and like post and photos.

It’s actually a blessing in disguise that my best friend in college has a home based work setup and introduced me and my husband to the so-called work from home environment. I guess we had a good start, that after registering and taking the necessary examinations in order to start we’ve received an invitation from a potential client soon turned out to be our very first. The rate of course is minimal as a beginner since we don’t have any proofs yet of our capabilities in the field we’ve decided to focus and work on. I would say I’m lucky to have a friend who had the knowledge, of course acquired by countless experience working online. They thought as how to register, create our own profile, how to apply and how to respond to an invitation. We also have to self- study from online tutorial, videos, consulting helpdesks and Google search. And then the list goes on for our clients, now on our $9-$10/ hour rate just after 2 months of working and learning online.

I’ve always told this story to countless people I’ve known and met. But only few of them were successful with it. Why? Probably because they don’t have an idea how to get started aside from signing up or registering, after which … what’s next? . They ended up having a dormant profile

It’s important to broaden your knowledge and be open to change. It’s a continuous process of learning and practice. It’s also important to know on which field you will excel and focus on so you’ll have an idea on which category of interest you will apply for a certain job Online.

I’ll tell you all the details on how to get started on my next blog. Have a lot of things to do for this day! Don’t forget to go to church… Happy Sunday everyone!

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