Starbucks and Coffee Bean Planner

I was never a fan of frapp beverage for practical reasons. I think its too pricey for a small drink where in I can buy cheaper yet refreshing drinks for the same amount

However during my pregnancy, for whatever reason I became addicted to starbucks. I’m not sure if its with their drinks or with their stickers =)

I am also not a fan of collecting or using planners before. I’m just not sure why, but this year I got addicted in collecting starbucks stickers and managed to complete 7 sticker cards (thanks to my friends, officemate and family for sharing the stickers with me). Honestly I didn’t like any of the Starbuck planner, but if I had to choose 1 among the 5 design I’d choose the Oak design.

I ‘m really not gonna use the Starbucks Planner I just got it to give as a gift to some friends and relatives. Too bad I wasn’t able to take pictures of all 7 planners all together as I already gave them away before realizing I can make a blog out of it =(

I am currently using the Coffee bean planner. I liked their design and freebies better compared to Starbucks. I’ve just used the February discount coupon of my CBTL planner.

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