The Largest Floating Bookfair Experience

Having heard that a floating vessel housing almost 5,000 book titles With 400 volunteer crews from 45 different countries at set its anchor here in Manila, my husband and I decided to take a visit and explore this unique lifeboat experience.
M.V Logos Hope is a project of German-based organization Good Book for All (GBA),
Its vision is to Bring Knowledge, Bring Help and Bring Hope.

To start with Entrance fee is only P20.Once you enter the ship you will be directed to sit on their lifeboat deck to give you some information about the ship and what their journey is all about.

Next will be the book fair. A lot of books to choose from. The books are being sold at a very reasonable price. A lot cheaper actually compared to other bookstores. I was happy with the books I bought for my kids. This is what I liked the most from the books that I purchased.

They also sell Logos Hope Ballers, ID laces/tags, pencils, pens and the likes. You may check the images I’ve uploaded you may spot something that you might want to buy.

They’re giving away this cute bag as souvenirs and Our daily bread books. The ID lace is P150 each.You may also want to Donate P50 (this is actually a fixed amount, I was giving them a P100 because I wanted to get 2 MV logos Pin but they wouldn’t accept it, they said P50 is kind enough)

There’s a long line in the payment area. They’re accepting credit cards but there are instances that it’s not working (maybe there’s a problem with the line or connection). I was lucky because when I was near the cashier, they announced that the credit card payments are now being accepted.

After the book fair is the so-called “Journey of Life” They have the story painted on the wall and I asked one of the friendly ship crew to tell its story and had it recorded in video.

Last part will be the International café if in case you got hungry from choosing, reading and gazing from all the books you can see inside. There’s really so much to explore. Definitely a very enriching experience. I’ll definitely bring my kids with us the next time another floating bookstore set deck in manila.

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