Who can survive Zark’s tombstone challenge

For those who can munch a big punch you may want to try one of these gigantic burger . You’ll definitely feel a big blow on your stomach after finishing the whole burger, only here at Zarks. I only see this type of challenge at the “Man Vs. Food” cable program, I never thought we have one of these in the Philippines. So test our strength we went to Vito Cruz , just in front of La Salle to see if we can survive the challenge.

Looking at it, I wanted to order the smallest available burger but I thought might as well try one from the Big Major League Menu.

I ordered the Jackhammer. This contain ½ patty stuffed with mozzarella and cheddar cheese for P185. My husband tried the Jawbreaker, it has triple layer of burger patties with spam, bacon and oozing with cheese on top. This actually is worth P250.

Aside from that we ordered nachos. They have a generous serving with a reasonable price. Both of the burger taste good as well. We did not order the Tombstone burger , looking at it, I’m sure we’re both gonna be dead meat. If you dare to be a survivor, you may want to join their Jawbreaker challenge wherein you have to finish the Burger, 300 grms of fries and 1 glass of iced tea w/in 5 mins. If you win you’ll get it for free plus you’ll have your picture posted on their Wall of Fame.

Another challenge is the Tombstone challenge. You’ll have to finish a whole 2-pound cheeseburger covered w/ cheese sauce, 300grams of fries and 1 glass of iced tea with in 10mins. If you survive prize is the same with the jawbreaker challenge but you’ll also get a free t-shirt. By the way the price of the tombstone burger is P500.

So if you think you can beat this beef, visit Zarks! This is definitely a whole new experience.

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