Why Selecta Magnum is the newest summer craze.

I’m not sure why lately I have been seeing a lot of these images posted on my FB wall from friends.

It’s a new product from Selecta, Magnum Ice Cream Bar. Curious , I bought just to know why it has been the talk of the town. There are 3 flavors to choose from. I bought 1 of each. I’ve checked online some says its P50 per pack but we only saw all three flavors available in 711 and as expected it cost a bit higher w/c is P60 per bar.

Classic Magnum, one of the flavors of the new ice cream from Selecta. Vanilla ice cream coated w/ luscious Belgian chocolate.

Another flavor is the chocolate truffle . Also coated with belgian chocolate with rich chocolate flavored ice cream inside. This is actually my personal favorite. The chocolate coating tastes so good but not too sweet.

The last one is the almond Magnum. I didn’t tried it because I’m really not a fan of ice cream and almonds so I had my mom tried it she say nothing special, it tastes like any other Selecta almond flavored ice cream.

So why is its so pricey for a bar of ice cream? I really don’t know I guess I’ll leave it to Selecta to explain why =p

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