Yard Work Is One Of My Favorite Things

yard workDoing a little yard work here and there can be quite fulfilling for me. Nonetheless, a lot of folks often find it daunting to perform a few outdoor tasks now and then. This might be due to the negative attitude that people have concerning yard work or any other work that involves physical strength. This post shall look at the simple chores that one can do on their yard during their leisure hours and focus on the ones that I enjoy.


Raking is done to remove dried leaves that have fallen on the yard. The falling of dried leaves is common in autumn and raking is done in order to maintain healthy yards for spring. Rakes can be used to perform this yard work and the leaves collected can be used to make a compost bin. Or, you can be like me and get yourself a good leaf blower and just blast those things off the lawn. It really is kind of fun!

Weed Control

Weeds are the unwanted plants that thrive freely on any piece of land that meets the minimum set of conditions. Your backyard at home, happens to be the ultimate breeding ground for herbs of all sorts. It is therefore vital that you eradicate the weeds as they consume all the nutrients that should have otherwise supported the survival of flowers, grass, or vegetables.

To turn your yard into a breathtaking garden, weed control is the first yard work that needs to be done. Tools for weeding are available in various stores but only two are essential. A gardening glove will protect you from direct contact with hazardous bugs and thorns while a hand spade will help you dig out the weeds.


In order to maintain the beauty of your landscaped yard, mowing is yet another yard work that you can undertake. A lawn mower is used for this task to trim the grass and ensure that it remains neatly short. A riding lawn mower should be used for clearing large yards while a push lawn mower will do just fine for a smaller extent of land.


It is expected that once you have created for yourself a beautiful garden of flowers and grass on your property, you water it periodically. This should be especially the case where the rains are not regular or rain water is considered as being insufficient. All you need is a system of sprinklers that can be set to come on at certain times of the day.

The alternative to this is that you manually water your yard using a water pipe. Watering should not be done more than three times in a week to prevent water-logging the soil.

As you can see, the type of work that can be done in a yard will primarily be influenced by the surrounding environments such as the weather and soil composition. Thus, each yard is unique and will require specific set of tasks to make it aesthetically appealing or even productive. In our discussion, we shall break down the tasks that can be easily done in the yard into four broad categories that we shall discuss in much detail.

This is because with the right approach, one will discover that most of the chores overlap. Once you discover this, it will be quite easy for you to schedule for those tasks and achieve them with great ease.


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